Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introductions All Around...

I believe that this really is the best of all possible worlds (and all that it implies) and that the purpose of philosophy is not to educate but to help people educate themselves. Today, it seems that cynicism means giving a mocking show of indifference to modern conventions. Anyone and everyone seems to confuse Cynicism (a philosophical discipline) with Sarcasm (the lowest form of humor). The father of Cynicism, Diogenes, believed that the reason of human life is to satisfy out most basic needs. In my more optimistic hope for the world, I would make the assertion that one of our most basic needs today is education. In order for there to be true democracy, the citizens must be educated so that they can protect themselves and society. Politicians and the media are constantly vying for our attention and all are willing to manipulate the people, the facts, and the ideals to oblige us in grossly artificial ways. Education is the best possible defense to secure this best of all possible worlds. True Cynics practice the self-discipline of learning in order to avoid the unhappiness that invariably results from these efforts to comply with such obligations.

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